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Car diagnostic services in Marlbrook

If you are not happy with your car's performance, then Lickey Hills Garage in Marlbrook can help. We'll diagnose the exact problem and advise you on the best course of action. We also help vehicle owners in Bromsgrove.

Accurate diagnostics for all makes and models

At Lickey Hills Garage, we use our cutting-edge diagnostics tools to quickly ascertain the root causes of any problems that your vehicle is currently showing. It removes the need for manual checks which can take time and which usually mean a longer repair and a bigger bill. Diagnostics can also pick up hidden issues too and these problems can be rectified ahead of time, ensuring that your vehicle continues to operate and that an expensive repair bill further down the line is avoided. So if your vehicle isn't behaving as it should, get it down to our garage and we'll take a look.

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Our car diagnostics cover:

  • Engine management

  • Emission levels

  • Electrical testing

  • Gearbox systems

  • Engine lights

A trusted diagnostic test centre

We have a wealth of experience when it comes to engine diagnostics. We can also utilise diagnostic procedures to carry out repairs on your vehicle’s on-board computer systems, including anti-lock braking, traction control and airbag systems. Visit our garage in Marlbrook or contact us for assistance.

Having been a customer with a good range of cars over many years, I am always delighted with the quality of service, attention to detail and the consideration of their customer’s needs. Always happy to recommend them to friends and work colleagues. Keep it up!

Mr Tucker-Peake

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Let's get to the heart of your vehicle's problem. Call:

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