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Comprehensive car servicing

If your car is in need of a basic or full service, please bring it to Lickey Hills Garage in Marlbrook. Our mechanics are here to help you. We also cover the Bromsgrove area.

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Basic or interim service

A basic service includes an engine oil and filter change. Your vehicle will be raised on the hoist so we can carry out a 97-point inspection. We’ll check the brakes, tyres, wheel bearings, suspension, shock absorbers, steering, belts, pulleys, exhaust, electrical accessories, lights, cooling system and hoses. We’ll also check the level and condition of the differential fluid.

Full service - includes oil change

We’ll carry out all the checks that we provide in the basic service. Additionally, we will replace the engine oil, oil filter and fuel filter. We will also replace the air filter for the spark plugs, if standard spark plugs are fitted.

Brake fluid change

It is recommended that you change your car’s brake fluid every two years to prevent brake failure and to keep your brakes in optimum condition.

Coolant change

It’s essential to change your coolant every 30,000 miles. This ensures that your engine doesn’t overheat and your car functions properly.

*On selected vehicles and subject to oil viscosity and vehicle make and model.

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I have used Lickey Hills Garage for many years now and must count amongst Craig's first customers. No problem is too big for Craig. The customer service and work is always first class and prices are competitive, would not go anywhere else. Highly recommended.

Liz, Marlbrook

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Make sure your car is working as it should with a service from Lickey Hills Garage. To book, call:

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