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Car air conditioning services

At Lickey Hills Garage, we can help you keep your air conditioning system functioning optimally all year round with our quality, while-you-wait service, all for just £65.00.
Each air conditioning service takes around an hour and both a pollen filter and an air freshener bomb can be provided at an extra cost. Get in touch to enquire. We cover Marlbrook and Bromsgrove. 

Air conditioning servicing

It is recommended that you service your air conditioning system with lubricant and gas every two years in order to keep it working efficiently. A service will also eliminate unpleasant odours and clear any harmful bacteria that may have built up in the system. You can trust us at Lickey Hills Garage to both service and top-up your air-conditioning system. If you're in the area and need your AC system looked at, visit our garage today.

Think your AC system isn't working as well as it should? It could be that your system needs a refill. Most vehicles use either R134A or R1234YF refrigerant when it comes to air conditioning systems, depending on when your car was manufactured.  R134A was the gas of choice for pre-2014 models, with R1234YF (a more environmentally-friendly option) being gradually implemented between 2014 and 2016. All models manufactured after 2017 tend to use R1234YF only. If your vehicle needs a recharge, we can provide either. Standard recommendations call for a AC check every two years so if your vehicle is due or if you're currently seeing problems with your vehicle's AC system, it's time to visit our garage.

Air conditioning recharging

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Our air conditioning check covers:

  • Compressor operation

  • Air or moisture in the dehydration reservoir

  • System hoses, joints and components

  • Compressor drive-belt tension and condition

  • Temperature of refrigerated air in the cabin

  • Cooling fan operation

Air conditioning repairs

If your car’s air conditioning system is in need of repair, we are here to help. We have the expertise to identify and fix any type of fault. We can also clean your system and refill your refrigerant, ensuring that your vehicle smells fresh.

If you need more information about our car air conditioning services, contact our team today.

  • How often should I run the air con in my car?
    All the time on hot or cold, depending on the outside temperature. This will ensure that the rubber seals and gaskets in your system don't dry out and crack, thereby causing leaks. Run your system for a few minutes every week at the very least.
  • How much gas does my air con system take?
    It varies with the make and model. The refrigerant is metred by weight, and a small car may take half a kilo whereas a luxury car with climate control may take one and a half kilos.
  • How long does it take to service and re-gas my air con system?
    At least an hour, anything less means that the job has not been done correctly.
  • How often should my air con system be serviced?
    Every 18 months to 2 years to ensure it operates at maximum efficiency. If you let the system run low on refrigerant, the compressor has to work twice as hard and will therefore wear out in half the time.
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A special offer for you

Our trained technicians will carry out a full re-gas and air-conditioning service for just 


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Give your AC some TLC with Lickey Hills Garage. Call:

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