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Free Wiper Blade Fitting

It’s essential your windscreen wipers are working properly, ensuring you have optimum vision when driving. When you purchase your windscreen wipers from Lickey Hills Garage, we will fit them free-of-charge.

It’s very important to make sure your windscreen wipers are working properly, as they are essential in allowing you to see in poor conditions, such as heavy rain, snow or sleet.

You should check the condition of your windscreen wipers at least once a year and ensure they are replaced regularly. To ensure they last longer, you should always take time to de-ice your windscreen before starting up your windscreen wipers, as the blades can tear if used on a frozen windscreen.

Even when your windscreen wipers are not in use, the blades can deteriorate, as they are sensitive to hot and cold temperature changes. For example, exposure to hot sunshine, cold weather, pollution and sudden changes in temperature can damage the rubber blade and affect its ability to wipe effectively.

Remember, it’s the state of the rubber that affects the wipers’ ability to clean the windscreen properly. Please check regularly and, if you purchase new wipers from Lickey Hills Garage, we offer a free fitting service.

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