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Brake Fluid Change - £33.00

It is recommended that you change your vehicle’s brake fluid every two years to prevent brake failure and keep your brakes working to maximum efficiency.

Our factory trained technicians can carry out a brake fluid change on any make and model of vehicle, enhancing performance, preventing your brakes from failing and helping to keep you safe.

Brake fluid plays an essential role in the braking process as it transfers the force of braking directly on to the wheel hub. Heat is generated when you brake and, over time, this can affect the brake fluid: if it gets too hot, it can start to evaporate, potentially resulting in brake failure.

For this reason, vehicle manufacturers recommend you change the brake fluid every two years, ensuring that boiling point is maintained at a safe level and the fluid remains as a liquid.

The brake fluid also acts as a lubricant, preventing corrosion of moving parts and allowing the braking system to deliver optimum performance. By changing the braking fluid at the recommended intervals, you are also helping to maintain the longevity of parts and achieving maximum braking efficiency.

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